Our Dentists

Today, more than 150 dentists volunteer their time at the Clinic. Ben Massell is aggressively recruiting more dentists to meet the anticipated demand for services. For these volunteer dentists, it’s a wonderful opportunity to “give back” to dentistry while working on equipment that, in many cases, is ahead of their own practices.

The dentists volunteer half a day a month to manage the case load. BMDC volunteer dentists – our Honorary Society of Dental Volunteers – are literally saving lives with the work they do. In a typical year, these amazing men and women perform more than 20,000 dental procedures at the clinic.

The clinic is always looking for dentists. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know!

Our volunteer dentists are literally saving lives with the work they do at the Clinic. In this facility, we give them the opportunity to work with the newest technology and collaborate with other top professionals in their field.  But they give us so much more in return. These inspiring dentists help our patients stay in school, get jobs and fight previously undetected health problems.

- David Zelby D.M.D., former Chief of Staff at the Clinic